Thursday, April 1, 2010

Soul Eyes

Soul Eyes
She emerged on one
of the pages
from my
CitraSeal/National Geographic experiment.
She is my favorite
of all those pages,
home from work with the snots,
I couched:
with my tea & blankie,
my pillow & Zoe,
my pens & journal.
Once I'd
spilled my proverbial guts
on the page,
in 5 pen colors,
I decided to camoflouge.
thoughts just need to stay private,
ya know?
I'm re-visiting the influence of
Gustav Klimt,
my favorite artist,
letting his shapes
flow through me.
[despite my roiling, broiling stomach
& relentless coughing & kerblooeying!!]
to snooze a little,
sip a little,
wake to move a few pens around once more.
This kind of page is a transition for me.
I'm slowly getting used to it.
I'm uncertain if I like it.
I still resist 
(in big parts of myself)
covering over my writing.
This book is 11 x 14,
so the whole page won't fit on
my scanner,
but you can still
get a sense
of the overall finished look.
* * * * * *
metallic acrylics, 52 flavors of pens, fabric strip
* * * * * *
I love to see
where visual journalers begin
with a page,
above is a scan of an upcoming background
in my Big Book,
spray painted background
and another CitraSeal/Nat'l Geo page
(my second favorite).
I'll scan this once I've worked the page
& show you
what it becomes.


  1. I love all your pages, I have yet to try that citro seal transfer because I am unsure where to get it. Hope you are feeling better

  2. Hi Toni, I love your pages, I especially like your favorite one, I hope you are feeling better soon. I am glad to be back home where I can keep an eye on you. lol. take care my friend, I think of you often.

  3. I love your pages - especially the first and last one. I admire your creativity. :-)

  4. The woman in the last one...

    reached me.

  5. Beginning a page. That's what I find so hard. Honey, after all this time of reading your journals and others', I am about to start my own visual journal. I can spread paint on a page, but after that, I don't know what will happen.

    I know you prep backgrounds in advance. This is my dilemma. What if I prep the backgrounds but when I come to write, the background doesn't match my mood or what I want to write about? But I won't have time in the mornings to paint a background and wait til it dries to then journal over it.
    What do you suggest?


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