Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Late for a Very Important Date

drooling over,
yearning toward
pages of
all the brilliant spray paint artists
in Bloglandia for
the last 3+ years,
but remaining only an ardent admirer ...
Spray Paint Love
hold of me.
Spray Paint,
& Silhouettes/Masks.
I am in possession of:
10 cans
of assorted spray paints,
not including RED,
[a gap which I will fill this evening].
I have
a 12" x 12"
plastic storage box
filled with stencils
I've collected
or cut
over the last 4 years.
I have one manila
file folder
full of silhouettes/masks
I've been cutting
for the last year.
My patio roost table
is now sheathed in
a large leaf & lawn bag,
taped down.
It has received a promotion,
you see,
Spray Paint Central.
True Story.
I have a box of
manila folders,
bought on sale at Walmart,
awaiting their turn
On The Table.
I'm going to Ace Hardware
to meet with Gabe,
my spray paint enabler,
to talk about masks,
so as to avoid
Spray Paint Hangover Head
such as I experienced yesterday.
And to buy a can of
I'm also going to mosey
thru the aisles
on the hunt
for interesting objects,
shapes, filters,
chain, string,
I can conceivably use as a stencil. 
I've already
frisked my house
as thoroughly as possible,
I have the shop guys
here at work
on Seek-&-Find Patrol
amid their materials,
I love this one 
it looks like
old wallpaper,
torn & worn & stained & weathered,
such as I've seen
in abandoned
very old houses.

Toni's Spray Paint Campaign Has Begun!
My Mission
[which I've already chosen to accept]
is to build the backgrounds
for my next journal,
to ultimately be
coil-bound between
mat board covers
then toted about
in my
Big Ass Purse
daily journaling.


  1. wow....toni they are soooooo cool !
    seriously, I love them !
    and that inhaling part.....yeah, be careful there !

  2. These are gorgeous. Please write about what you choose for protection from the fumes.

  3. Hola TOni!!
    After a long time I could find your new blog. I'd love to send you a letter with other surprise, could you email me your address??
    A big hug!!!!!

  4. you have the weather for spray painting, great backgrounds....i just bought some new spray paint in hopes of better weather for painting.

  5. Elaine, I left the comment below on your website, but in csae you come back here to look, here is the mask info:

    "Hi there — can’t find an email address for you, but wanted to tell you thanks for visiting my blog/commenting on my spraypaint post.

    As for the mask to use — I was using one out of a pack from the 99-cent store, which of course was better than NO mask, until I could talk to someone knowledgeable. My buddy at Ace told me any of the masks for filtering dust, fumes, or fiber insulation are fine since I’m not normally spray painting for over 3 hours. I bought a ‘generic’ brand, 2-pack,$6.99, but it’s rated for safety use by OSHA – since I work in construction, that has meaning to me and I trust it. You just need to have something with better/increased filtering, but an actual ‘respirator’ is over the top for my level of usage.

    Also, there are so many new types of spray paints specifically for ARTISTS, with lower fumes/toxicity — a brand called ‘94′, another called mtn Hardcore … with GAZILLIONS of colors … the Hardcore line also has various sized tips/spray nozzles available (like pen nibs) for different effects. (This is why I love Gabe, my spray paint enabler — he hipped me to all this information.)"

  6. Your guy at ACE knows about artist paint? Check out Montana Gold on Blick's too...now that you've got the bug... The last page here is my favorite too!

  7. You know, Berg does the bodywork and paints the cars, and he says the mask is the most important tool. In the beginning he would come home, a variant shade of whatever color he'd been spraying, and his eyes would be so bloodshot! Taught him real good, it did!


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