Thursday, June 7, 2012

Night Creature

Painting a la Flora Bowley --
I recently received her book,
Brave Intuitive Painting.
Very different approach & so
creating difficulty for me.

[Note:  I think this is a good thing!]

1st Before:
[just paint, just throw paint around, play, ad-lib, no plan]
2nd Before:
[more paint play, covering what I didn't like at first, experiments]
Completed Page:
[this took 3 hours of more reworking - a genuine struggle]
[I did NOT like this page until I added my journaling - true story]

At night,
beyond the violet dusk,
comes my poetry soul and all her bravery.
Not only the feeling, but the
permeation of KNOWING.
Ferocity without 'attitude' --
just the muscle of it,
or its sleek bones.
Every thought arrives, prepared --
in paint, with feathers.
I dance, these pens
percussing across paper -
a fingerprint, a trail, a path,
many stars --
illuminating --
I am both a morning person
a night creature,
boundless, always --
discovering & discovered.
I am ringed by awareness,
& also

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