Friday, June 8, 2012

Wind & Hair

Completed Page:
wind and skin and loving my long hair!
Seriously reveling in it.
The feel and weight and curls of it
seduce me,
a private, intimate exchange.
I lift into the finger-tendrils of my hair --
grazing on my collarbone and back,
tangling with my eyelashes -
golden-brown vision blur,
like a distant, dreamed-of horizon
come close, newly tangible.
... sigh.
Give in.
Relinquish to self-awareness.
Wind and hair and naked release of self-
A sensation not really at all
replicated by

**first page for a personal themed project entitled:
(romancing myself)

[acrylic, charcoal sketch on white pages paper, magazine image,
vintage wallpaper cut-outs, watercolor pencils,
black calligraphy ink, paint chips]

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