Thursday, January 14, 2010

Butt Dust

That's right:
I said

The message of my collage, above, is true about me.
The message of my collage, above,
is true about me

Lots of interior time sharing goes on,
studio & patio roosting.
A lifelong pattern.
My Daddy-O used to have to
'punish me' by
forcing me to go outside.

This year,
I want to emerge.


For me, that means I have to make
deliberate action plans to shake off my

Once a month,
I am going trekkin.

Starting 01/31/10 - Butt Dust Buster #1:
Toni is driving to Jerome, AZ.
I've never done the drive myself,
because I'm afraid of heights,
& it's a
up scary narrow hills
peeking over really-far-down drops.
But I'm fed up with being afraid of that drive,
because Jerome is one of my
favorite places in Arizona,
& there isn't always someone
[a driver]
available or willing to go WITH me
every time I need a fix of the place.
So Butt Dust Buster #1
will concurrently see me addressing
a) the issue of getting outta my own head,
b) one of my genuine fears.

I will have a passenger along,
someone capable of taking the wheel
if I can't muster all the way.
But I intend to keep trying.
And said passenger
will also be in charge of
photo-documenting my trek,
so I have journal & blog
evidence of my progress.

What might YOU do, by way of a
Butt Dust Buster?


  1. butt duster is cracking me up !

    and way to be brave, you scared of heights girl, you !

    hmmm....I'll have to think about it for a bit...what butt dust is bothering me enough to get rid of....hmmmmm......

  2. Great idea. Crap, I don't know what I'm gonna do. Most of the time I think I'm forcing too hard, trying to push against a brick wall anyway. I barely stay put in one place for an hour, let alone a few days or more. Actually, it's more likely that I need to just stay put and sit with myself for a while, and breathe really deep.

    Can't wait to hear about your road trip. What's in Jerome?

  3. I love this whole concept. I have driving issues too and will be rooting for you!

  4. you just turned up the heat. Of course you did it on purpose. And, I so wish I could be the 'said passenger'...I'm waiting for the story and the pile of dust that you shake off yer butt.

  5. When you go please take some photos. I am too far to make it by car, or I'd go, too.

    And drive safe and sure. Pedal to the metal.

    My butt is busy plowing out & driving to a cool bookshop...miles from the cows.

  6. Oh your a brave girl, I am not a lover of heights usually, that's why whenm I turn 50 I want to skydive....but with my Cataplexy I will need someone to pull the cord...maybe by then you will be up for that....AS FOR DUST bUSTERS..or butt dusters. lol. organizational skills...if I could get that together, wow. so i will try. I got your email today, thank god you have been trying, I thought i MUST have drawn something in the book you did not aprove the yellow polka dot bikinin. lol. Hopefully it is your computer, no secret codes necessary. all is well with me...You will do fine on your trip...Big hug.

  7. ooo...pretty red leafy collage!



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