Friday, January 8, 2010

Regarding Copyrights

It's Friday.
It's payroll.
I lost 2½ hours this morning to a sprung printer.
In 4 words:  I can't stay long.


Go here and read this, then get back to me. 
Having read it (three times now) I, personally, realize I have some 'splainin to do!


  1. Hmmmm...I too am taking Kellys class and have for years used images that were not mine in my personal journals, today though I do try and use only my stuff. None of us are perfect : )

  2. This is what I posted on Rice's site-

    The whole topic makes my head hurt. Honestly. Everyone will always tell you something different.

    What about Rauschenberg? Cornell? and the like? The Dada artists????

    You damn well know, by looking at their art that THEY made it.

    The copyright issue makes me NUTS.

    NOTHING is completely original. We all borrow, share and give in some way, shape or form with each other. Picasso said, "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." They take the ideas and make them their own.

    Collage artwork done in a journal-
    Are you selling your journal page??? No. IT'S A JOURNAL PAGE. It's for your personal use. It's kept in a JOURNAL for a reason. Your journal is your place to grow, expand and learn.

    The copyright law as it is now is meant to protect those with the most amount of money in their wallets. It is not meant to protect us little fish in the big pond. The copyright law can and will be changed by those with the most amount of money.

    I will gladly acknowledge that something I tore out from a magazine isn't mine and give credit where credit is due. If I took the picture, I'll let you know. If I didn't, I'll let you know too.

    This is one of my favorite links on the subject-

  3. My ultimate choice is just to think thru my process as to what I post (here on the blog) with more attention/consideration. But Kelly, your on-line class is a closed site, like a classroom -- I'm not on your A Life Made By Hand Ning site advertising, pitching my art, or trying to solicit anything from anyone. I'm a student. I NEED to make pages from images, papers, colors ... and good grief, isn't it obvious to all of us there which images might be personal photos, and which came from magazines? If I have to start hand drawing all the images I use, forget it ... and I personally do NOT have the time or printing resources to take/print my own photograph every single time I want an image on a piece of paper. It's not justification -- it's a notebook that lives in my room, on my bookshelf, and the only eyeballs ever looking in it are my OWN, possibly one of my sons, and the occasional post on my blog. GEEZ!!!!

  4. Hey girl, you scared the crap out of me, I don't know which way to turn now....enter my giveaway if you get a chance, think of you often. I hope your Friday gets better!

  5. oops !
    mixed media collage artists use everything....including garbage if it looks cool....
    I think there is a difference between tearing out a page in a magazine and using it in a journal page and sharing it on your blog compared to knowingly breaking a copyright law....

    if you were going to sell that journal page...different story !

    oh those grey lines.....they're everywere !

  6. With all due respect to the author of the article...BOLLOCKS!!!

    A nation of litigation....

    Give me an effing break! Really! ARE you selling your journal pages? NO! ARE you making a profit off some picture from a freakin' housewares magazine? NO!

    Oh, ffs!!

    Sorry...effing a lot here.

    I am fed up to the boobies (woulda said something else but this is a family show) with the rampant paranoia and grasping mentality of Some People. What Kelly says is absolutely correct (and my hubs is a paralegal so I knows about these things)..the laws are in place to protect the Big Money players and everyone else is on their own. Newsflash! There ARE NO NEW IDEAS. Seriously...everything has evolved from something else. It's called 'inspiration'.

    So for effing hell's sake...we don't need anymore shackles on our creativity (especially from the soulless world of legal entanglements) and for effing hell's sake...if we aren't going to use the effing rubber stamps for our art then WHAT did we buy them for?!?!?!?!?!

    Sorry 'bout that. Touchy subject.

    ~much love dahling~

    PS. Posting your letter today....;)


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