Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Technique'N: Go on An Artists' Date - The Real Thing

The Plan:
The Place:  Grand Lux Cafe, Scottsdale, AZ
The Time:  3 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon
The Artists:  eb bunsen and yours truly
The Purpose:  our first personal meeting, tea, and journaling
eb's choice.
I selected Egyptian Chamomile tea.
I also ordered the creme brulee duo,
inspired by a light fixture
directly overhead.
eb's idea of 'helping me'
with the dessert
was to take
One Single Forkful
out of each.
Our poor waitress,
had to come back several times
to actually obtain our order.
eb was teaching me
how to do a photo transfer,
dontcha know.
The wooden spoon?
A critical technique tool.
The lemons?
Picturesque, of course!
We both whipped out our cameras
at the same time,
then collapsed in laughter!
eb said, 'You are SO a woman after my own heart!'
I said, 'Get your shadow outta my picture!'
(no, I didn't really!)
We asked when we came in
if we could take photos.
But when we did,
on our way out,
the General Manager
hurried over to say,
'Not allowed, actually!'
[What is UP with that, anyway?]
I'm thinking of creating a
piece of mail art & sending it to him,
so he can see how harmless
we journaling nuts really are
with our photos --
we're not stealing ideas for our own cafe,
really, we're not. 
We just want commemorative
photos for our journal pages,
The Result:
*  Discovery of a like-minded soul friend
(one who actually thought me 'mellow',
not to mention 'in my late 30s' - woot! -
I had to say,
"No, Dearest,
I'm hip to the hot flash syndrome myself!")
* A Creme Brulee sugar rush that carried
me through to bedtime!
(Yes, I finished them both, okayuh?!)
* photo transfers that finally transfer
(except now my printer stopped working!!)
*  The realization of how lonely I've been,
working in solitude as I do,
& how incredible it is
to emerge,
to connect,
to 'talk journal'
(& specifically:  JOURNAL)
with someone else who entirely 'gets it',
to put the journal, finally, aside
because the dialogue is so
to See,
& Be Seen!

Our Advice:
Make it,
at minimum,
an Annual Event!!

We are.


  1. oh how wonderful to get a friend who likes what you do and you enjoy each others company. My riends dont like the kind of things that I do, I am still looking.

  2. still savoring the joy
    and sweetness of our visit
    when I get back - I'll tell my tale...

    warm hugs for now,

    xox - eb.

  3. Hello!
    My name is Danielle, and I don't know how I found you exactly, But I am really glad I did!

    I will definately stop by again! I love your work and your humor!!

  4. Happy happy meeting of 2 beautiful friends. Good on you both. xo

  5. happy to meet YOU via dear eb! I'm all for making blog meetings annual events...



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