Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome to the Steampunk Zone!

The ad that drew me in the doors
of Art Space on Sixth.
I walked in.
I said,
"Can anyone please 'splain me
what, exactly,
'Steampunk' means?'
From the 1870s to about the 1940s,
before the true technology takeover,
referred to artists, authors, etc.
who made art endeavoring to
illustrate their individual ideas
as to what the future would be like.
Ok, that's a start.
I turn,
I mosey into one of the exhibit rooms,
sorta kinda anxiously reading
every single label to
see if it said Steampunk.

But then!
Here she came:
And then things got goooOOoood!
Ed Schenck piece,
looking like every alien in every
old comic book I ever laid eyes on.
Also rather like ET on crack, huh?
[Or is that Toni on crack,
looking at ET?]
Drawings, left, right, by Nina Pak.
More, later, on
the midriff in the center.
I love
what you do with found objects.
Doesn't this look like
the Alien,
from the original movie?
Bad A**!
This is beyond cool,
beyond fierce,
beyond any ray gun I
got from mailing in cereal box tops.
Angel, and Ray Guns.
And a War and Peace combination
pinball/target shooting gizmo.
Angel rocked it.
I missed a lot.
Ray guns - Ed Schenck
War and Peace gizmo - Ken Coplan
Angel gets to touch,
even tho' all the signs say
'please don't'
to exhibit viewers such as myself.
So when Angel touched,
Toni got to touch, too.
Toni likes to touch,
especially ray guns.
Ken Coplan's pieces,
also of found objects,
hushed me.
Juxtoposition of bullet casings and
angel heads,
rusted out bottle openers,
screws, springs,
some with on buttons,
all with gorgeous patina?
Well, lots to think about
and take in.
Future Fashion
from the inventive mind of
artist Sarah Welch,
constructed of recycled products.
I would SO wear this!

Having seen this much,
I'm ready to do some personal research
on the genre,
and return.

For Phoenix-Metro area locals
The Full Steam-Punk Ahead Exhibit
lasts through Sunday, February 28th, 2010
11 a.m. to 6 p.m., free admission
7127 East Sixth Avenue, Scottsdale

Ask for Angel!

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