Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cruisin' On a Sultry Afternoon ...

Vistancia Annual Classic Car Show

'round about 2 p.m.
on a blue-skied Saturday ...
moseying amid
the Mustangs & Bel-Air's,
the Triumphs,
the Model A's, the
Roadsters & Hot Rods,
Toni saw this:
1966 Ford Fairlane 500 XL

swoon ...

drool ...
... fervently wish that
I had on a slinky black dress,
stiletto pumps
(& a neon green boa)
so I could drape myself over
that sassy red upholstery,
& call her mine.
Yea .........
Yea .....

where was I?
Oh yes! 
This cool, fresh, SWEET set o'wheels
belongs to
Mr. Mike Kautz
his constant canine companion,
a Westie named Coda.
Ms. Fairlane's last address
was Farmington, New Mexico,
where she had been
gently driven,
tenderly tended,
no improvements made
to her
original interior or motor,
just a replacement
the tan top
(to be black, at some point in the future).
All her original interior was red.
Since coming to live with
Mike & Coda,
black has replaced red
on many of the interior door finishes
the original Ford 289 engine
['the bread & butter engine of
all Ford cars of the 50s & 60s']
in order to compliment
a paint job restoring
Ms. Fairlane
to a sparkling version
of her original
"Wimbledon White."

In the very near future,
the upholstery stripes on each side
of the seats will go black
keeping the center ripe red,
and her bumpers will also
undergo their own version
of a chrome bling spit-shine.
Mike has so far done
the majority of the work
but intends to take advantage of
the restorers
he meets at
(or already knows from) 
the numerous Valley car shows
where he drives Ms. Fairlane
to allow her to
preen & present her loveliness.
These voices of experience
provide Mike with 
precise research,
insights born of hands-on years 
spent restoring vehicles,
 & the best contacts --
critical in assuring that 
Ms. Fairlane visits only the best
for her upholstery make-over.
But seriously,
is Coda not the best bling
a Fairlane could ask for?
Questions, anyone???
Mike Kautz can be reached at
but hear this:
Ms. Fairlane is emphatically 
for sale.
She is,
free of charge,
 for green-boa'd daydreams!

My thanks to Mike & Coda!

* * * * * * * * * *
For local Phoenix-Metro area
readers and car show enthusiasts:
The Norterra Car Show
is held
the second Friday of every month
6 - 9 p.m.
I-17 & Happy Valley Road
* * * * * * * * * *

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