Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have a wonderful technique post
lined up for you,
but am trying to reach my
guest artist about some of the visuals.

In the meantime,
imagine Norah Jones crooning in your ear,
a nice mug of something hot and decadent,
and take a gander at
my own attempt experimenting with
last week's 
Pam Tucker/CitraSolv technique!
I took a marbleizing tool and pressed/swirled
on the back of these two
as they 'cooked'.
Do you see the face in the upper left?  I LOVE THAT!
Tightrope Walker.
More with the marbleizing tool. 
This is a page from
It didn't merge with the page
I'd stuck onto it,
but when I wiped the goo off,
I got this.


  1. These are goergeous! I must try this Citra Solv technique!


  2. Toni, these are great! The other magazines I've tried have done nothing. Vogue, huh? Hmm...I love your results!


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