Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gallery Hunt

This coming Thursday,
I've been invited to interview a local artist
prior to his gallery opening that evening.
Can you say nervous?


Because I'm geographically impaired,
I took off at seven this morning to
hunt down the location of the gallery,
so I wouldn't have that to think about on Thursday. 
Good thing I did ...
does anyone else have trouble with
directions from MapQuest? 
I'm talking SERIOUS SHITE. 
Directions said 'south' of the main street,
when in fact the gallery is NORTH of the main street. 
Big difference,
particularly for the geographically impaired. 
True story. 

while I was on the 'south' side,
not finding said gallery,
 I decided to park and mosey,
hunt on foot,
and shoot pictures as I went. 
Nnnnnnice, as it turns out. 
I haven't gone gallivanting
with my Daddy-O Cam
in too long!
Blooms in baskets hung on every street lamp.
My first encounter with a shedding cactus.
Painting, shot through a shop window.
Fierce doesn't quite capture it.
I love the texture of the spines!
A postcard, with a wee bit o'cropping.
My favorite shot today, above.
I think Toni wants to photograph women.
Toro!  Toro! 
(This one is a hottie, too,
a sculpture of metal & wood.)
One of the most spectacular words ever invented!
Why does her paunch look like art,
whereas mine looks like _________?!
The sky was much more blue than this...
Her face makes me want to ask her a deep question.
Experiment in lines.
Heh heh.  Got THAT right!
The owner of this hand is a warrior woman. 
But you knew that.
Overflow.  I love the hands on sculptures.
Toni definitely wants to
photograph women.
Sigh ... her eyes feel full of echoes.
Cupid mouth.

Thank you
for joining me!


  1. Love all the photos Toni, you will do fab with the interview. Take care.

  2. great outing....and shut nervous to interview way !!!

  3. ok did you find the gallery, and you know you are not nervous, and the pics were great

  4. Great photos! You'll be just fine in the interview. No doubt!


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