Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Technique'N: Altering Postcards with Guest Artist Lee Kreklewetz

Altering Postcards
[Text & Photos by Lee Kreklewetz]

Lee Kreklewetz
Is a self-taught mixed media artist
Who loves to paint, sketch and alter anything!
You can visit her blog at

Watercolor paint, acrylics, markers, pan pastels, pencil,
You can basically use anything you want on this project.
All I used was a pencil, markers, and one pan pastel.

Now let's get started:

Original Picture Postcard
Two ways you can do this:
work on the original postcard,
do a photo transfer.
I chose to do a photo transfer,
only because
I don’t have that postcard anymore.
Now you can see
that the photo transfer was not great-- 
it never is for me.
So all I did was take my pencil and outline it.

So to see where I am going,
I decided to paint in the sky.
I used pan pastels
But you could use anything,
blue markers, watercolor crayons, anything.
I decided that I did not want
to make them look
the same as the postcard.
So I determined that one needed a blouse,
one needed a full swimsuit,
and I added different straps to the other one. 
I started with my markers and just
went with it.
Here is a hint:
all the white you see in this picture is
a white out (correction) pen.
I use them all the time -- 
they give me the colour I want.
I started to colour in the sand and
really was not happy with it.
Don’t get upset
 if you make a mistake -- 
just change it up and that’s what I did.
As you can see,
the sand is still not looking right,
but don’t worry about it.
I went right on painting the flesh tones
and finishing up and then it came to me.
If they
were sitting on the beach.
they would be sitting on beach towels!
And you know what?
I think those beach towels
added what was missing .
See it looks different from the
original picture.
and it’s your art.

One tip:
if you are going to work
directly on the picture,
I would rough it up a bit with sandpaper,
so its not smooth.

If you try this technique,
I would love to see it!
Drop me a line at my blog
and I will come over and have a look.
* * * * * * * * * *



  1. I love the end result of this card. Take care.

  2. I love Lee's artwork and have been following her for quite awhile. This technique is fantastic! Now I'm off to search for some old postcards to alter!

  3. What a great and easy to follow example. I love this. Thanks for sharing.


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