Monday, February 1, 2010

The Old Surgery

this building,
isn't it? 
It's an old 'surgery' in Sheffield, England,
photo taken by a
M.B. "Mick" Kent.
Mick is a photographer.
Mick is also a painter/artist.
Mick sent me the above,
and it took me four days
to recover from my
S W O O N.
True story.
The doctors who resided in
The Old Surgery
are moving to new digs.
 I only hope this building
doesn't get
or some other ridiculous thing,
like turned into a
travel agency or
such nonsense.
Mick is,
as well,
a cancer survivor.
He is raising funds for
in Sheffield.
* * * * *
I've lost my grandmother to uterine cancer,
my best friend to breast cancer,
a work associate
[who was also the sole reason I
became involved in mixed media art]
 to pancreatic cancer...
and someone
close to me is a
breast cancer survivor.
I think almost all of us
can say we have had cancer
touch our lives,
either personally or through loved ones.
The only cause
I contribute
my measly funds to
is breast cancer.
* * * * *
If you'd like to contribute
to Mick's cause,
please contact me for his email address.
And I'd like to ask you something.
I'd like to ask you to
leave me a comment and
tell me about
the charity you would fund
if money were no object,
and there was
only the criteria
of what
calls your heart
to influence your choice.

Here's what I mean:
I would not only contribute,
but give
a full year of volunteered time,
even if they wanted nothing
but to have me scoop wolf poop.
I'm fascinated by the creatures,
& that's an understatement.
I read your comments,
I'm going to choose
the response that
touches ME most,
and mail you the bottom painting
by Mick.
Nothing scientific about this giveaway,
just the beating
to pick the winner.

Thank you, Mick,
for the beautiful paintings!!


  1. If money were no object, I would fund literacy programs. The word means so much to me. And, I can't understand how so many go without the written word as part of their construct.

    How did we let that happen? I mean, yes, third world countries without resources, certainly, that is unacceptable but more comprehensible.

    But, thousands of people here in our country without access to the most fundamental of skills in reading and writing?

    Yeah...I'd do something about that for sure. And, it would be done with happy, energetic, loving people who just want to make it possible for others to read/write for themselves.

    They'd all have to be like the Library Lady, the women who came from the local libraries to bring books for us to consider and read from them with lovely voices. Who just made you want to run to the library to find those books.

    Yeah, they'd all be just like those.

  2. First of all I am so sorry about the illnesses that seem to touch us all in one way or another. also I am hoping that don't tear down that old beautiful building.....if I had money, I would want to fund something like the gift of sight program. Because I worked in optical I know how much a pair of glasses means to someone, either a child who now could see the blackboard or even a mother to see her child for the first time. Here in our society it is amazing the number of families that can not afford glasses or new ones when they break....And in alot of the third world countries it is almost unheard of to have glasses. I have seen for myself the smiles on their faces as they light up by being able to see. A friend of mine was on a mission, she said there were people in line for hours and hours, she was there for a week.Everyone was so thrilled at the change just by getting a pair of glasses. Something most of us take for granted.......That would be my first...I would want to be there every hour as to me the enjoyment is the look on their faces....I feel that even when I get a perscription change....Sorry about the long post....Take care, miss you.

  3. St. Jude's Childrens Hospital!

    It is a place very close to my heart!!

  4. If money were no object, I'd fund spay/neuter programs and educate people, starting in kindergartens and going up to adults, about pet care. I'd teach people to be kind to animals because I hate how cruel people are to them. If they are cruel to a dependent creature that just wants to love them, how can they be kind to other creatures who can't defend themselves such as children, old people, or those who are weaker in some way?

    I think if you teach people the very fundamentals of kindness, that it would do a whole lot to make this a better world.


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